Essay On Marriage Consent

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Does marriage change the notion of consent? This question comes to mind every time a married man or a woman claims to undergo rape from under their spouses’ hands. It is important to note that in every relationship, inclusive of marriage, whenever one of the partners partakes in sexual activity that they have not agreed to, it constitutes to rape or sexual assault. What is sexual assault? This is another question that comes to mind, sexual assault is any sexual behavior that takes place without the consent of the victim. It does not necessarily narrow down to the actual act, when the victim is touched inappropriately it is still sexual assault. To consent on the other hand is to agree to the act and the manner, time, and place in which the act happens.
Consent, Sexual Assault and Abuse
There are many types of sexual assault, the most common being when the perpetrator is a stranger to the victim. In
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One of the initiatives that the government should take is to consider marital rape the same as other types of rape and give this issue the important that it deserves (Mahoney & Williams, 1998). Another step should be to encourage women to speak up whenever they are in an unpleasant situation especially sexually with their husbands, this is important because there are very many cases of women going through sexual assault at their homes but very few take action or report these cases. Another way to prevent domestic violence and ultimately marital sexual assault is for the doctors to examine these women whenever they go for check ups and if they see any red flags, encourage them to speak out and take the possible precautions before the situation becomes worse (Odem, 1998). The government should also take the initiative to fund the projects that these women who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault can go to seek help and they are sure that they will receive

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