Gender Norms And Its Effect On Society Essay

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In society, there is a gender norm that is accepted. These gender norms are based on the different expectations that individuals, groups and societies have of individual based on their sex, values and beliefs. Thus, these values give individuals the cues about what type of behavior is accepted to be appropriate for any given sex. Gender role is a concept “that humans create socially, through their interactions with another and their environment, yet it relies heavily upon biological differences between males and females” (Blackstone, 2003). These gender norms does not only put pressure on male and female to act a certain way based on their sex but it also disregard the idea of a man or woman acting like their counterparts. Society manifested the concept of gender socially in which individuals are condemned for interacting in a defiant way within their environment.
Dating back to history, many believed that women are more nurturing than men, therefore, the traditional view of the female role suggest that women should behave in ways that are nurturing. One of the ways in which a woman is expected to conduct herself according to tradition is to nurture her family by working within the home rather than seeking employment outside of the home. While on the other hand, the men are traditionally perceived to be masculine and are the leader in the household. Such responsibility comes with providing financial support for the family as well as making important family decisions.…

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