Essay on Gender Inequality : Professional Athletes

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Women tend to be ignored in the sporting world. They are usually stereotyped as weak and incapable “people believed to play sports one needed strength, endurance, and skill, all characteristics of men not women” (Carter, 2005), therefore should not participate in sports. “Women have few opportunities as professional athletes in comparison to the number of opportunities for men. Few professional women 's sports league have existed, and when they did, they were short-lived” (Syda, 1993). This essay will discuss gender inequality in professional basketball in the modern society.

Most people view the fight for gender equality as unnecessary or a thing of the past, while, on the contrary, it is still a very pressing issue. For example, if you were to ask a random stranger that has been exposed to the media, such as television shows or magazines, what it means to “throw like a girl” or “act like a girl”, he or she would most likely consider it an insult or an abusive remark. This is an act of gender inequality because it is clearly stating that being able to throw or act like a girl is a flaw.

This essay will attempt to analysis gender inequality in professional basketball in modern time. In order to do this, this essay will first discuss gender inequality in sports in general. It will talk about gender inequality in sports and how it was viewed on in the past and now in the present, the nature of it, reasons for it, it 's causes and consequence. The essay will then focus on…

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