Gender Inequality In Kerala

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Introduction Kerala is one of the most developed states in India. Some statistics of women in Kerala are given as a background of this study. Female literacy was 92% in Kerala in 2011. Human development index, HDI was the highest in India at 0.790 in 2011. Kerala has 1084 per 1000men. In 2001, gender disparity index related to education was the lowest in Kerala in India at 3.64. Population growth was the lowest in India at 4.9 % in the decade of 2000 in India. The studies of Robin Jeffry and Brenda Maddox show that despite social progress made by Kerala state, gender still influences social mobility of women in a negative way; women who break the cultural rules are looked down on by the society. There is still a belief in Kerala society that women …show more content…
In 2006-2007 Kerala had the highest education development index EDI in India. In some communities like Nair in the state, women enjoy higher status and matrilineal system is practiced. Women head house and high value is placed on daughters by some communities like Nair. Along with this tradition, democratic rise of communist parties and its land and education reforms helped to reduce the marginalization. And state’s social inclusive policies have helped women to get education and employment which in turn is reflected in the form of reduced child mortality, maternal mortality and high life expectancy and low population growth. Kerala’s birth rate is low and is below America’s and still birth rate falling faster. Keralites live nearly as long as Americans and Europeans. This study tries to get information on domestic violence on married women and the study results may help by providing information to improve quality of life of women. But in Kerala social issues like under employment, unemployment and suicide rates are high. Another economic issue is Kerala has less number of industries. Life expectancy in Kerala is 75 yrs compared to 77 yrs in USA. Female life expectancy is 77 yrs in Kerala and is

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