Gender Inequality And The Middle East Essay

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Gender Inequality is defined by the Trust Women foundation as the “disparity in status, power and prestige between people who identify as women and men”. In more general terms, gender equality occurs when women and men have equal treatment and rights in political, religious, economic, and social matters. This is the aim of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states the code of conduct for equality in law, politics, religion, and social affairs. Gender Inequality is a persistent problem across the globe that has brought many countries to economic failure and social problems. Out of the regions in the world, the most pressing gender inequality issues reside in the middle east.
Gender inequality is prevalent in every country of the world. People like you and me still encounter daily issues regarding gender rights, and will continue to encounter them until we modify the laws. In particular places of the middle east, such as Saudi Arabia, the imbalance of rights between men and women is out of control. Young girls are married off to men against their will, husbands are suing their wives for bearing ugly children, and women who have been sexually assaulted are forced to marry their rapist. The issue of gender inequality in the middle east needs our immediate attention. Many men have been putting women in a lesser place since the beginning of time. Men are genetically wired with a stronger body than women 's bodies, and research points to this as a…

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