Essay about Gender Identity Is An Independent Self Image Of Gender

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Have you ever tried to solve a puzzle that makes you fight for your whole life? Most of the people might answer they have not had any problems with their original puzzle, which is sex. However, there are groups of challengers struggle at their self-image of gender which becomes a particular puzzle of a person’s masculine or feminine characteristics that learn from social practices and environmental influences, not only from biological sex. I have learned that gender identity is built upon a combination of dichotomized gender system in this society and social expectations from surrounding environment. Individuals fight to seek their desired gender despite all the flood of social oppressions that expect predetermined femininity and masculinity based on their biological sex. Therefore, gender identity is an independent self-image of gender that obtain from surpassing social, cultural, and political boundaries that dichotomize the field of gender to femininity and masculinity.

Individuals have had their predetermined gender from their inborn sex and limited to have a chance of expressing their gender by numerous social factors, such as family, friends, and school. Most of the people build up their gender appearance in society throughout his or her life by accepting social expectations without serious consideration of their desires to a certain gender. However, individuals can perform their desired gender in the social life although they are strictly controlled to show…

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