Gender Identity And The Lgbt Community Essay

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In America’s eyes people that are transgender, or have problems with their gender identity do not meet the standards of others around them. They are seen as weird, abnormal, or even immoral. Some heterosexuals are shunning their families, friends, and kids because they do not understand the lifestyle that homosexuals live. For example, some hereosexuals do not belive that homosexuals have the right to marry and be who they choose just because “they” think it is wrong. In addition, the idea of gender identity disorder and transgender is misunderstood by a large group of hetersexuals. Gender dysphoria has come a long way over the last several years with all the different treatments and the quality of life for these individuals has improved in many ways and will continue to change. Every person in the LGBT community as well as transversals should have the right to express themselves personally, should have equal rights universally, and should not discriminated against in any way because of their different lifestyles and beliefs. There are thousands of people that do not know what gender dysphoria is, how it affects people who have it, they also do not realize that this is a serious issue. Is gender dysphoria is when someone feels that he or she is in the wrong body. For example, a teenage boy who has facial hair, the hottest girlfriend; However, on the inside, the person starts to feel a like something is not right, a the person feeling that they cannot explain. When it…

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