Gender Identity And Gender Equality Essay

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When we all develop and grow from kids, we don’t choose the gender giving to us. As we grow the gender a person can have on the outside can be the one everyone sees. Our parents tend to lead us into the roles our gender in destine to be in. It’s a pattern that’s happening for many, many years. We, as people just try to stay on track of the norm and don’t think about the child’s inner thoughts.
As a kid grows up he or she might like the same things as boys or girls. When I was growing up I would always play with my sisters and their friends. I think my favorite part playing with them was the dolls. Being Ken was fun because back then being “white” was the norm. When I was growing up I had long hair, to the point where my only grandfather confused me for a girl. My gender identity was male. “Gender identity is a sense of oneself as male or female.” (Wade 355) I was classified as a boy even though on the outside I looked like a girl. I remember my first dilemma with the long hair. It was when I was 5, I was a karate class and I went to go use the bathroom. I walked in I did my personal business and when I walked out the stall I was being teased by the other boys for using the boy’s bathroom. I kept saying I was a boy so I dropped my pants to show the boys I was male. This caused a bigger problem I ran out of the bathroom and ran to my sister, which she was in the women’s locker-room. Shortly after I stopped attending the karate classes. I think that with kid the…

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