Gender Faced By Judith Butler Essay

1805 Words Nov 29th, 2016 8 Pages
It’s a Saturday night and you’re watching television with your family. A show comes on and it centers around the life of homosexuals. Back in the ‘80s, this show would have been brutally criticized and switched immediately. However, it’s not the ‘80s, but rather 2016 and the acceptance of homosexuals is continuously increasing. This television series would probably be kept on in most households with no backlash or disapproval. The term homosexual is becoming more common to the world around us and I believe that coverage in the media about them is a major stride for our culture. Before this progression, homosexuals would practically put on an act and hide their true sexual orientation so they would not receive condemnation. This performance kept them safe and secure allowing the others around them to be normal. Judith Butler, author of Gender Trouble, believed that gender was performative. She also believed that gender was limited because of the binaries that have been ingrained in the minds of people, and because of these binaries gender has been socially constructed. Butler looks at gender through a different lens by stating that it is more of a social performance than the expression of reality. Although the media’s portrayal of homosexuals has not always been positive, through the analysis of modern day television shows and movies, the progression of homosexuals into a more positive light will be revealed and ultimately become beneficial to society. In order…

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