Gender Equality : The Men We Carry Essay

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The Men We Carry in Our Minds Gender equality has been a very popular subject scattered throughout the years. Many historic events have been achieved in the last century. The 1920s women were given the right to vote. Now in 2016, nearly one hundred years later a woman is running for president. Scott Sanders addresses women 's rights in his nonfiction story, “The Men We Carry in Our Minds,” but in way that makes you think of both men and women, thus giving an open door for it turning into gender equality. Sanders argues that the men were basically the work horses in the mid-century, but that belief is no longer the way things are today. There are many ways today in which gender equality is not yet official. In her article, “States Take Lead On Equal Pay, With Legislation Stalled In Congress,” Samantha Lachman talks about a very important difference in men and women. While women do the equivalent to what men do in the same work area, men still make more money than women. “The median yearly wage of a woman working full-time in the United States is about $39,600, which is just 79 percent of a man’s median earnings of $50,400,” Lachman states in her article. Many cases of research have been opened on this pressing issue, but the problem is that only about 75 percent of the gap can be explained by experience or place, but the other 25 percent is just unexplained. April 12th of 2016 was Equal Pay Day. People celebrated this day by handing out facts about the pay gap to men and…

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