The Anebellum Movement

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When people claim that “nothing ever changes” and “life will always be the same,” one word holds the ability to accurately sum up that conjecture: wrong. The world constantly undergoes changes, both socially and otherwise. American remains an increasingly mobile society. The antebellum area, specifically 1820 to 1840, involved times of great change, be it social, economic, or political. Whether these changes benefitted or hurt society remains debatable, but it is undeniable that these changes altered American life and that similar changes occur all through America’s entirely inconstant history.
Throughout the antebellum era, the American government continued to struggle at finding solid footholds. Both integral and up-in-the-hair, the relationship
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She also served as the feminine and moral leader of the family, which fell in line with the cult of domesticity in the 19th century. However, not all women were content to be simple housewives in the 1800s. The feminist movement grew alongside other social reform movements, like abolitionism, and feminists believed in the equality of women to men and equal opportunity for all genders. At the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, a group of women declared in a “Declaration of Sentiments in Resolutions” that women are equal to men and should be treated as such. The Seneca Falls Convention and the declaration provided major influence for feminists. In 1848, not much changed for women, but as the 19th century progressed, it became obvious that women were making changes. States became to lift voting restrictions for women and in 1920, the 19th amendment was passed, giving all women the right to vote. However, the struggle was not over and still isn’t over today. Even the Equal Pay Act passed in 1963, many women still face pay inequality today, especially minorities. Although in the increase of feminist movements in the 19th century paved the road toward equality, women today still continue to enact necessary social

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