Gender Discrimination In The Labor Market

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Not only a gender wage gap can be calculated on the national level, but also we can compare gender wage gaps of different states in the US. According to data from the American Community Survey, in 2014 the pay gap was largest in Louisiana, where women were paid 65 percent of what men were paid and it was smallest in Washington, D.C., where women were paid 90 percent of what men were paid, and (Hill, 2015). Table#2 contains the information regarding median annual earnings and earnings ratio for full-time, year-round workers, by state and gender in 2014.
Nowadays states do not stay on the one place with their own laws to provide that female receive equal salaries for the equal work. At the present time, every state in the US has his own law
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33). Indeed, as our research shows, women’s into the labor market is still unequally measured by the market itself, and according to Goldin (2006), the market shows a clear inequality in capital investment, employment prospects and outcomes relative to men during the previous century (Goldin, 2006). However, there is still a situation where we can speak of the “glass ceiling” effect that women experience in a …show more content…
The arguments by Carlsson and England make the problem of gender wage gap and market discrimination clearer from the point of view of society and the preferences of hiring managers. Carlsson (2011) also argues that companies hire people from certain social groups because of their customers’ preferences: it could happen that some of the clients are simply not happy with a woman receiving a call (p.

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