Gender Discrimination During The Workplace Essay

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Gender inequality in the workplace has continued to be a contentious issue. Increased government policies in the US and across the globe aiming at increasing transparency around pay and calling out for more women in the company boardrooms are in play. Gender discrimination was highlighted in a series of high-profile lawsuits. Data from a 1998 census revealed that women made 73 cents per dollar paid to men; this has been the case until today where there is a great discrepancy in gender inequality especially in the workplace(Walby, 2005).
Gender discrimination in the US is attributable to the society expectations that women in the US are still expected to attend to familial obligations. Data reveals that although the women attend to familial obligations such having and nurturing a child, caring for a sick member of the family, or caring for the elderly in the family they still do not give up on their job as expected. It is for such reasons that the women accept employment opportunities that offer flexible working hours or a flexible work schedule regardless of the low pay. The culture expects the women to be the primary caregivers in their homes; they are usually at the lower levels of the organization hierarchy for it is such levels that allow for a flexible work schedule(Acker 2006).
The mentality is that such positions allows for the woman to cater for her whilst still maintaining a salary. In most cases the income is the second source of income especially…

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