Gender Differences And Gender Roles Essay

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John Gray claims that men and women are naturally different in their intimacy needs and in their reactions to intimacy. He uses the analogy that men are like a rubber band; they pull away and then snap back. He compares women to a wave; their feelings and intimacy needs go up and down. Empirical research does not support this claim. White et al. (1986) found a few gender differences in intimacy maturity and its affect on marriage, but these differences do not outweigh the similarities of the sexes. Mirgain and Cordova (2007) looked intimacy as a mediator between emotional skills and marital health, and also found few gender differences. The gender differences do not suggest that men and women are completely different in their intimacy needs or their reactions to intimacy. White, Speisman, Jackson, Bartis, and Costos (1986) looked at intimacy maturity, which is the level of relationship maturity, and how it relates to gender, gender roles, and marital adjustment. Gender differences were found in earlier research, especially related to communication, however different researchers defined intimacy differently and there are also mixed results or more complicated relationships between intimacy and gender than originally thought. To start off, the researchers operationalized several terms. Bakan (1966) defined masculine characteristics in terms of agency or separation, and define feminine characteristic as communion or connection, which is how White et al. (1986) chose to…

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