Gender Based Violence ( Gbv ) Essay

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Gender Based Violence (GBV) has long been a topic for research because it is of relevance to the social, cultural and economic fabric of society. Research in this field leads to better public policy for intervention, recovery, and prevention of GDV, the stakes are high. Hilde Jakobsen 's research: “What’s gendered about gender-based violence- an empirically grounded theoretical exploration from Tanzania” was published in 2014 by The Authors. It takes a feminist approach to researching GBV and uses focus groups to explore social norms surrounding (GBV), it is qualitative in nature. To contrast, “Gender - Based Violence, Alcohol Abuse and Sexual Risk among Female Patrons of Drinking venues in Cape Town, South Africa by E. V Pitpitian, S.C Kalichman, L.A Eaton and D.Cain” examines the associations between recent abuse by a sex partner with alcohol and sexual risk behavior are associated with GBV. They use quantitative tools like Hierarchical Logistic Analysis. Both articles take radically different approaches to an incredibly complex topic, because of the complexity and the interdisciplinary nature of GBV as a topic, both research papers are incomplete but they serve as complements in a growing body of knowledge. BACKGROUND THEORY

Jakobsen begins by stating the theoretical framework behind her research and the paradigm conflicts within the field of Violence Against Women. One such ideological difference is the conservative versus the feminist approach.…

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