Gender And Development : The Best Fashions Of Stimulating Development

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In addition, the exclusive economic interest is harmful. It is indisputable that women being paid and contributing to the economy is not helpful nor important. Of course, this is an essentially step in development progress…but it is only one step. Giving these women jobs just so they have jobs removes them completely from the control of resources and the employment process (Beneria & Sen, 2001, 144). It is not about what is best for the women and what they can achieve, just profit. The multiple meanings of gender and development are warped to fit political purposes and economic growth (Varvus & Richley, 2003, 13). Microcredit is the lending of small investments to new businesses and communities in the developing world, mostly by international organizations and large non-governmental organizations (Hofmann & Marius-Gnanou, 2007, 217). By many peoples standards, is one of the best fashions of stimulating development. However, on the other side it has also been dubbed as the “Trojan horse of neoliberal globalization” (Hofmann & Marius-Gnanou, 2007, 219). It forces the removal of all control and causes the poor to be dependent on the global market. It takes people who are already vulnerable and susceptible, and further put them in debt to a lucrative system (Hofmann & Marius-Gnanou, 2007, 228). Women in these programs become responsible not just for the work they are producing but for if it is viable in the market or not, completely beyond their control (Hofmann &…

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