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General Electric (GE) is a true global company with presence in more than 100 countries. Clearly, with a workforce of more than 320’000 employees, GE also has to have proper human resources processes established. Its dynamic Business Operation Model and sophisticated and evolved human resources strategy are results of the steady growth over more than 130 years of corporate history. Since its incorporation in 1878, many CEOs have shaped the company’s products, people and processes – few very intensive and a bit less.
GE’s Human Resources Strategy and Talent Machine:
The word GE evokes the thoughts of People Focus, Performance Oriented growth.Leadership and Talent
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Another undeniable disadvantage of talent machine is the highly selective mechanism. To become the top 10% amount 300,000 talented candidates is undoubtedly stressful. For those who cannot make to the top of pyramid, their career seems to run into a dead-end. Under most circumstances, they would choose to move on and find better opportunity somewhere else. Even for those who is promoted, the performance evaluation constantly will load great pressure on them. For instance, even the genius CEO Jeff Immelt had his lows. Throughout one’s GE career, he/she may have wide exposure to various business sectors, but the trade off is, it takes long time to learn all aspects on one level before moving onto the next one. In another word, personal development can be potential lengthy. Finally, internal promotion limits possibility of finding the “perfect match” from other sources. Managers who are on the upward side of their career path will find a hard time to crack the door of GE.
Talent Machine –Business model alignment in Case 1:
The talent machine has evolved through the years, as GE’s business model has evolved. However, there have been some “core values” that have continued to live throughout, even as the business model, the management, and the employees changed within the GE. These “core values” are the concept of meritocracy (performance/results-oriented evaluations) and the

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