Ge External Environment Essay

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The External Environment

Remote Environment

Ć Economic:

Today¡¦s mutually dependent global economy is creating new opportunities for growth¡Xand the corresponding challenges of managing that growth responsibly.

In both instances, GE¡¦s size is an advantage. GE is solving big needs for countries that need the broad range of infrastructure, financing and healthcare that economic growth demands.

GE is also solving big needs on behalf of the challenges that face all of us¡Xincluding access to clean water, limited natural resources and the need for more energy-efficient products and services.

The future may be different. The engine of global economic growth has been the U.S. consumer, propelled by historically low interest
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The obligation to guarantee that GE suppliers live up to these principles is set out in a detailed process that establishes the responsibilities of GE¡¦s businesses and sourcing personnel, the level of due diligence they need to perform on suppliers in various categories and the data they must keep to document the progress achieved under the Company¡¦s supplier review program.

There are some qualifications to be GE¡¦s suppliers. For example, as part of the GE Advanced Materials supplier qualification process, a routine audit of a key Chinese supplier of direct materials identified several deficiencies in its environmental management systems, work place safety and labor practices. GE Advanced Materials conducted the supplier audit of Farbtex International, Ltd. (Farbtex) in January 2004. The supplier audit consisted of a review of the following aspects of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS):

ƒÞ EHS Policies, Resources & Management System
ƒÞ EHS Infrastructure
ƒÞ Work Place Safety
ƒÞ Labor & Employment
ƒÞ On-Site Housing
ƒÞ Security

Ć Bargaining Power of Buyers

GE has many different industries. At different industries, the level of bargaining power of buyers is also different. To make GE Infrastructure as an example, the power of buyer is low. GE has their special management, material, technology, and know-how.

At NBC Universal, the power of buyer is normal for TV

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