Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized Essays

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It was not until the rise of Christianity that same-sex relationships and marriages were considered a sin. In Assyria homosexuality was recognized and according the History News Network at George Mason College Roman Emperors were in same sex marriages more we’re considered gay or bisexual. But it wasn’t until 32AD in the Theodosian Code that prohibited marriages and relationships and those who took part were sentenced to execution (Frakes). Even in 2015 the country of Iran hold executions for those who are considered gay. And in the U.S. 13 states have still failed to legalize same-sex marriage (“13 states still ban”). Gay marriage should be legalized and have the rights as a heterosexual couple to further create equality and take steps in eliminating injustice amongst people. One of the biggest reasons for not allowing same sex marriage is faith. Many who are deeply religious believe that their faith has taught them how a marriage should be, between a man and a woman and that having support would completely go against the bible. Jeremy Diamond from CNN wrote that Bobby Jindal, a Christian Louisiana governor, said that he “won’t join the ranks of politicians who have “so called evolved” on same sex marriage” (Diamond). Feeling that other politicians such as “Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton changed their views on gay marriage because of polling indicating more Americans in support of gay marriage” (Diamond). Jindal went on to say that “ My…

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