Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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All throughout time, gay and lesbian individuals have been denied certain rights for many reasons. Whether the issue be with same sex marriage, adoption by same sex couples, or gay and lesbian groups in school, these issues need to be addressed. Many of them, in recent times, have been addressed, and rights like gay marriage have been legalized. However, even though many matters involving gay rights have been legalized, they have not been accepted by society today.
Book: Gay Rights- Kafka discusses homosexuality involving children and teenagers and their education in school compared to heterosexual students. Some believe that due to harassment, discrimination, and isolation, homosexual students, and students that have gay parents, are denied an equal education compared to other students. Others argue that gay students, and students that come from gay households, get the same education, and their is no problem. As more and more students start identifying as gay and lesbian, these conflicts have started to arise (Kafka 56).
In 2001, a study names “Hatred in the Hallways,” was conducted by Human Rights Watch, explaining the fear, and humiliation suffered by gay and lesbian students in school everyday. According to this study, “Gay youth spend an inordinate amount of energy plotting how to get safely to and from school, how to avoid the hallways when other students are present so they can avoid slurs and shoves, how to cut gym class to escape being beat up…(Kafka 57)” Various…

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