Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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According to, “nature created male and female to be complementary to each other in myriad ways that enhance not only the couple’s relationship, but the healthy and stable development of the children they produce” (Should Gays and Lesbians Be Restricted from Adopting Children). The subject of gay marriage alone is a very controversial one, but the question of whether or not gay couples should be allowed to legally adopt a child is almost as controversial. Despite professors and anti-gay activists who deny it, homosexual couples can raise a child in the exact same manner as a heterosexual couple or a single parent raises a child. Although there are people who disagree with the idea of homosexuals adopting children due to religious or personal beliefs, it is still legal in some areas of the United States. According to Adoption Social Worker for Americans Debbie Driessen-Grika, sixteen states in the United States of America legally allow same sex couples to adopt children. Fifteen out of sixteen of those states allow gay marriage. Even in states where it is illegal for them to adopt a child, gay couples can still find ways to adopt. In this sort of situation, one of the partners in the relationship will adopt a child in their name and their name only. After the child is legally theirs, the parent can take them back to their household where
Mensing 2 the legal parent and their partner can raise it, even though the other parent technically is not the child’s…

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