Essay on Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

1047 Words Nov 18th, 2015 5 Pages
The society today tends to stick to what they know and hold on to the familiar. Therefore when something unfamiliar comes along the society resists acceptance, instead they dismiss the issue by denying its existence. Unfortunately, gay marriage is one of the issues that the society has come to refuse to accept and deal with. Maybe, it is because they do not know how to approach it or maybe the issue just took them by surprise and they just need a moment to recover. For whatever reason, the society has chosen to ban gay marriage in Palau.

Same sex marriage is new to us all, I completely understand that fact. It was not until recently that we found out that there are certain people that are into liking the same sex. However if we come to think of it, many things regarding marriage, has all, at one point in life, been new to us. In fact when I asked my grandfather, whose name is Kanai Edesomel, what traditional marriage was like back in the old days he said that marriage, traditionally, was mostly arranged. My grandfather went on to say that children back then did not have a say in who they were going to marry. The parents were the ones that chose who their children was going to marry based on a persons character, family background, and how the marriage is going to benefit their own family. Based on what my grandfather told me about marriage in the old days and how marriage is today, I would have to say that Palau has come a long way from arranged marriage. In an article…

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