Gay Marriage Essay

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Merry Alijoski
Professor Osborne
WRT 101
21 October 2012 Signify Our Wedding Ring In today’s world, many controversial issues are discussed such as abortion, prostitution, and homosexuality. Same sex marriage has been debated in various countries for many years. This issue brings wide concern to moral and human rights. In earlier times, same-sex marriages were evidential tolerated in parts of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt as shown in artifacts found. The Western world was known for being very accepting of same-sex relationships and unions, which is revealed in Greek paintings. People who are against gay marriage primarily focus on the moral aspect of gay marriage. Supporters of gay marriage think about same-sex
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Same sex couples who love each other should be able to publicly celebrate their commitment to one another and have the same benefits of marriage as heterosexual couples. Against arguments can be made about the churches having to accept gay married couples in the church. Evidently based on strong religious beliefs all major churches in the USA all are against same sex marriages. Accepting gay marriage will lead churches to have to marry couples and children will have to be taught that same sex marriage is socially accepted. Nevertheless, churches would not have to marry couples in the church because same sex couples would be less prone to go to a church that is against their marriage. The Church should be more open-minded and accepting of others. Priests who believe in gay marriage or support gay marriage should be the ones to marry these couples. However, if all priests are inflexible to this issue, then may be same-sex couples should at least be granted a marriage license in all states. Children do not have to be taught about same-sex marriage in schools because when they grow up they will see gay-couples outside and in the media. They will visually learn about these

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