Gap Analysis : Gap Communication Gap Essay

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Gap four- Communication gap The administration failed to coordinate and update its employees on helpline numbers which were available on their official website. The hospital should have analyzed the range of patient queries. If the employee had received proper training and information, the customer would have received correct information regarding the service, though it concerns a different branch or facility. The management must develop a strategy to work as a single unit than consider each facility as a separate entity. Also, the management had strategically placed a manager at the entrance of the hospital who volunteered to help the patient by giving directions to the reception, and this implicitly communicated the hospital’s interest in helping the patient which was not fulfilled in the later acts of care.
In addition, the staff remained in a hurry all throughout the health care episode and have never spent enough time with the patient to educate her on the procedure, causing panic and unnecessary confusion in the patient. The brochures that were handed out to the patient at the reception had mentioned that the hospital was a teaching facility, hence the management have explicitly promised a higher standard of care and attention. Also, the staff showed disinterest by swearing audibly while helping the patient on the day of operation, and this is an explicit act of disinterest in helping which led to patient’s loss of trust in the organization’s promise on care.

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