Gangs : The Gang 's Life Essay

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The Gang Life Most gangs in the society are violent, some more than others. Gangs do not tend to be very appealing to others in the world that is today. Gangs have been an issue in the world from then and even now, it has become more dangerous in the streets and society throughout the world. Gangs do not obey the law or authorities; they simply do what they please. Gangs are a major issue in the way people live their lives. A large majority of the inmates at Pelican Bay belong to one of these six gangs: Nuestra Familia, the Mexican Mafia, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Black Guerrilla Family, the Northern Structure, or the Nazi Low-rides. Since there are so many different gangs the inmates interact with each other violently. “They’ll walk around, get within earshot of the other groups, and try to figure out what’s going down on the yard.” After there are about 50 inmates in the yard, the guards get into their positions and Acosta says the about 30 knives are shoved up the inmates rectums (Wood 1-2). It is really difficult to try and understand how prison gangs work: they kill traitors and they also keep their busi-nesses hidden from others. A man who goes by the name David Starbek wrote a book trying to explain the intricate organiza-tional systems that makes gangs more formidable, his main focus on his book was on the California prison systems. It housed the second largest inmate population in the country, about 135,600 inmates. The major gangs are mainly responsible for the…

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