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With technology becoming more advanced, it’s becoming increasingly harder and harder for brick and mortar shops to compete with the digital age of shopping. Traditional retailers are much more vulnerable, particularly if they don’t forge relationships with other e-commerce stores. But not to worry. This isn’t a lose/lose situation. While middle class America does do a significant amount of online purchasing, it doesn’t mean you have to go completely out of business. Read on to learn how you can keep your brick and mortar store, while staying connecting in an e-commerce world.

What is Gainstores?

E-commerce stores are not new. But Gainstores takes shopping online, and raises it to the next level. It’s the perfect marriage between technology
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Sites such as Alibaba Express and provide the same capabilities. But there is one caveat. It doesn’t allow you to truly be unique and stand amongst the other thousands of merchants, who have also set up profiles online. Take for instance Alibaba Express; oftentimes it’s bogged down with low quality merchant providers. You certainly wouldn’t your store to be associated with anything negative, even if you are not the retailer who’s received the bad review. But if you need additional convincing, here are some of the other benefits of acquiring an ecommerce Gainstores.

• Brand Awareness: Gainstores is a highly customizable ecommerce store. When shoppers come to your site, they’ll get a feel for your own personal brand. While sites like Amazon do offer a major platform, you run the risk of your items getting lost in the shuffle. Customers rarely stay on one page, while searching on Amazon. It’s highly likely that they’ll get distracted by a competitor’s page, and that’s the last thing you
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Sometimes brick and mortars are often put at a cap as to how much they can make, simply because they don’t have the space to carry the inventory. Now you can have your select items in store, but you can also offer additional options to your customers online. Being able to carry additional items means you’ll be making more money in the long run.

• Advanced Technology: Gainstores offers all of the latest features in technology. Customers can easily navigate to your site through your very own customized app, making it totally convenient for them to shop. Additionally, if you’ve already got an EBay store set up, there’s no need for a complicated integration. You can import all of your items from EBay in no time. And no online business would be complete without accurate and relevant analytics. You can view which products are being purchased most, allowing you to then generate customized promotional sales plan around your most popular items.

Gainstores is truly the wave of the future. If you want to stay on the pulse of what’s current, then contact us for more information about how to start your online store

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