Gain Knowledge Or Make Money Essay

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Gain Knowledge or Make Money Combining education with work is common between students in high-schools. According to the statistic, one out four students works while in high-school. They earn benefits from having a job such as money, knowledge of time-management, and responsibility. Also, working students manage to save for future education and expensive purchases such as a car or an apartment. Even though job gives some advantages to students there is a right time for studying and right time for working. Therefore, experience of attending high-school and work in a same time could be troublesome. Although absence of work does not guarantee success in education, students who do not have a job have more opportunities to have a better outcome at school, enjoy studying the process, and have time on hobbies and social life. As has been mentioned, life of an employed student can be easily turned into a nightmare due to high-level stress. They are dealing with doubled pressure from work and schooling in one time. Neither school 's responsibilities nor duties at work could be ignored. Therefore, working students may have a struggle to keep their attention in class or at the workplace because of overexertion. Also, students who have a job may have problems keeping up with assignments and exams. The shortage of time may cause low school performance or low productivity at work. For example, working in the school library during graduation class brought some unpleasant outcomes to me.…

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