GMO Argument Essay

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GM crop, becoming resistant to the pesticides. Based on Brandon Keim’s article, farmers had found rootworms that are resistant to pesticide. Rootworm feed on roots of plants, causing damage to crops, results loss for farmers.
Furthermore, GMO harms the environment by contaminating nearby aquatic life. Genetically modified crops’ toxic characteristics can kill off aquatic insects. Steve Hinnefeld stated in his article, “Aquatic insects that are related to the pests [are] targeted by the pesticide.” This is basically saying that the aquatic insects that are a primary food source of fish and amphibians, also get killed by the pesticides. A decrease in the aquatic insects can lead to a decrease in the population of fish and amphibians. This can all have a domino effect on other aquatic life. These genetically modified crops can also have similar effects on land; the same toxic used to kill off weeds can lead to a decrease in the species that rely on it. According to Andrea Germanos’ article, milkweed plays a crucial role in the monarch butterflies
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The consumption of GMOs can be harmful to the consumers’ health because it can cause cancer, disrupt the endocrine system, and harm the fetus. GMO’s can also harm the environment by contaminating organic farms, crossbreeding with wild plant which makes them resistant to pesticides, and killing off aquatic insects which leads to decrease in other aquatic life such as amphibians. However, all of these harmful effects can decrease if the genetically modified products are labeled. Labeling the products would allow the customer to be aware that the product is not natural and then they can choose if they wish to consume it. Also, genetically modified crops can be grown in a controlled environment such as indoors. With these restrictions, the harmful effects on humans and the environment can greatly

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