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10 Biggest Private Army Corporations

Private army corporations work in a fashion similar to government security forces, military or police forces, more often than not on a smaller scale. They offer bodyguards for important staff members or protection of huge company premises, commonly in areas where there is a risk of hostility and violence. The private army corporations assist the military bases in operating mess halls and providing a secure environment. These organizations provide in-house security in the danger zones, where conventional military forces would not be able to enter. In the recent past, owing to the greater risks of terrorism, violence and bombing, private army corporations have come in existence.
1. G4S
G4S is
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It was established in Helsinborg, Sweden in 1934. In 2012, this company was known for its annual revenue of more than 10 billion dollars. It had around 3 lakh workers in more than 53 countries. This company includes guards, patrols, loss prevention, home alarm systems and many other security services.
3. Triple Canopy
Triple Canopy is the company that has signed a contract with the U.S. government for sending its forces to Iraq. Mission support, security solutions and training programs are the main services offered by Triple Canopy. It is basically a private security, risk management and defense contracting company situated in Reston, Virginia. Triple Canopy progressed in 2004 in Iraq and one of the Iraq defense contracts is said to be worth 1.5 billion dollars.
4. Academi
Academi is currently the largest private army training organization in the United States. It is spread over an area of 7,000 acres. Over 50,000 counter-terrorism experts, law enforcement agents and foreign military personnel have been trained by Academi. A commendable fact here is that the employees of this organization have taken part in operations in Afghanistan and Iran along with many other missions. According to the authentic website of Academi, it offers stability and security to people and places facing turmoil. It works with federal, state and local government clients, commercial customers in the global market as well as many law enforcement cum intelligence
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This 0rganization has offices in the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Bahrain, and United States. It offers security services to companies in emerging markets to protect the interest of these companies
7. DynCorp
In 1946, DynCorp was founded as Land-Air, Inc. Back then, it was a company engaged in aviation. This company fought against rebels in Columbia and participated in anti-drug operations at Peru apart from other conflict areas. This company is one of the companies who have their forces posted in Iraq.
8. Asia Security Group
Asia Security Group has signed several contracts with the U.S. military for the security services and protection of supply convoys in the conflict war zone. It is an important local military force in Afghanistan. This company also offered mercenaries for Dyncorp and conducted operations throughout the country.
9. Erinys
Another company that has provided its troops in Iraq is Erinys. Besides this, it is also involved in providing security services, training and consulting to large oil companies operating in Asia and Africa. Mineral extraction in Africa is also assisted by services offered through

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