Future Ghost In A Christmas Carol

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Isn't everybody frightened by their future? Doesn't someone want to know if they get married? When they die? Or what job they will have? Or if when they become elderly will someone care for them? In the beginning of, "A Christmas Carol', by Charles Dickens, Scrooge never thought about his future until Future ghost shows him what happens in his future. In the story, Scrooge, is haunted by three ghosts, Past, Present, and Future. All three ghosts show him events of his life. The events shown differ, but Future's effects him the most.

Firstly, one incident that the ghost of Christmas Future shows Scrooge is his maid stealing from him when he is dead. The maid is showing her husband what she took from his house and then she took off the clothes
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In the story, Scrooge doesn't think that he is close to dying. Scrooge starts begging Future ghost to live longer and to fix how he treats people. The ghost shows his grave to him to scare him and to be worried when and how he dies. Also, to make him make the most out of his life and the years he has left. The next incident makes Scrooge really think about life.

In the last incident, Future has death try to catch Scrooge. In the beginning of the story, Scrooge never thought that he would be haunted by Death. Future wanted Scrooge to be frightened because Scrooge was not being nice to the people in his life and all he cared about was money. Future wanted to make Scrooge change his actions and to become a better person. Scrooge may outrun Death now, but sooner or later Death will find him. This incident affects him the most because it makes him realize what is important and he does not know how long he will live for.

After Future shows him his future, Scrooge realizes what is important. He realizes that family is very important and to always have them close to you. Isn't everybody frightened by their future? Now, Scrooge is not frightened because he knows what not to do and how to live his life. He learns to treat people nicely and to make the most out of his time left on

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