Funeral Reflection

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While there is a potential of success, at birth one becomes a very self-centered, dependent creature. If we are fortunate enough, to have parents give us the love, and the nurturing designed for them to give, one can become well rounded, however, in the parent’s humanness of not being perfect, most all have fallen short; moreover, most have become wounded because of this. In other words, this imperfect world and its imperfect people produce a wide range of issues throughout. More often, in the human developmental processes, there are many pitfalls or drawbacks to be suffered, in addition, to the many real catastrophes. Therefore, the opportunity to self-reflect on a series of questions and the impact it has made becomes quite interesting. …show more content…
Because of the perception of issues in one’s personal life, the lies believed, development of a false self or mask to protect oneself, who do those that speak perceive me as being. Most would say that he was kind, caring, loving, and full of energy willing to take on the most impossible tasks that others flee from doing. In addition, loved working with people in many diverse capacities as a director, leader, counselor, and supervisor, most of all that he was a loving husband, father, and friend.
With the thought of having a free week with no consequence, it would be hard not to vanish into isolation to self-explore and reflect on one’s purpose in life, moreover, rest and be still with no external influences interrupting. Time would be taken to soul search to understand current issues remaining, moreover, struggles not currently overcome in life with solutions explored upon return to

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