Funding Healthcare Services Essay

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Funding Health Care Services
Lakeisha Amison
Professor Jerry Blackwell HSA 500
February 27,2013

Funding Healthcare Services

XYZ Healthcare Organization plays a very crucial role in preventing illness, relieving pain, and promotion wellness and wellbeing of individual through all stages of life. To realize its aims and objectives, the organization needs funding to continue with very sensitive and important services. There are several approaches that can be adopted to ensure funding of healthcare services. These approaches include the use of insurance medical covers by the patients, funding from the government, private sectors and other nongovernmental organization. The burden of healthcare funding should not just be
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Recommendation on how Mental and Behavioral Health Services should be funded The funding of mental and behavioral health services should not entirely left to the affected individuals. The financial obligations required to meet the services provision should be as much a societal responsibility as they are to the patients. Mental illnesses are very painful especially to the affected families who ought to take a leading role to fund these services. Companies and health insurance providers should also come out strongly to provide a remedy in this area to provide financial remedy to salvage this situation (McKenzie, Pinger, & Kotecki, 2011). The XYZ health organization is committed to practicing quality-based medicine based on known and proven outcomes. While doing this, focus is laid on the respect, dignity and well being of the family members and patients with such mental and behavioral conditions. To help the organization meet this objective, the social organizations, private sectors, the nongovernmental organizations among others all have to come in and fund the services. The government should come to the limelight in ensuring that these conditions are alleviated by providing proper and adequate funding to the affected families and citizens. This is a very huge social responsibility in which all the stake holders need to

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