Funding For The Arts Needs Essay

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Funding for the arts needs to be increased “Kids need music like a fish needs water,” stated Chris Mudd (“Eugene Weekly”). Cutting funding for the arts in public schools is slowly becoming a trend around the U.S. Some cities are cutting arts classes completely from their schools. This is leaving talented kids with no way to learn more about music or art. Funding for the arts needs to be increased because it keeps kids in a good environment with good people, which keeps them out of trouble. Public school arts funding has been declining for years and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Theatre and dance classes in elementary schools ten years ago were available in 20% of elementary schools (Carey Kleiner Porch Farris 8). In 2010 this number was as low as 3% (“ED”). Cities are creating school budgets that eliminate funding for the arts, or eliminate the classes completely. School boards are saying that the money needs to go to core classes like math, science, and language arts. There are many schools around the country that don’t even have funding for necessities like instruments or equipment. Playing an instrument is shown to help reading skills and problem solving, so how is cutting arts programs going to help them in their core classes? School budgets are one of the main problems affecting funding for the arts. In Philadelphia a $2.4 budget was approved that would eliminate all athletics, music classes, and art classes from public schools (“Philly”).…

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