Funding For Comprehensive Sex Education Essay examples

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Despite the lack of funding for comprehensive sex education in the United States, there has been much support for it because it would provide exclusivity within health courses in middle and high schools. Comprehensive education would be efficient because it teaches all aspects of contraception, medication, treatments, abstinence and addresses the diversity of the student body by including students who have different gender and sexual identities. By addressing the universality of students and establishing a more holistic approach towards sex, it provides teenagers with accurate and applicable information pertaining to their reproductive health. Thus, lowering a majority of the student’s chances of contracting STIs, HIV, having an unintended pregnancy, and even experiencing forms of sexual assault. Through comprehensive programs, the curricula encompasses almost all forms of contraception that is available for both males and females. Unlike abstinence only education, comprehensive programs encourage the usage of contraception rather than targeting the possible downfalls that could occur. For example, comprehensive programs educate individuals about condoms by promoting the fact that they have a 97% success rate and addressing that there is a 3% chance that it could break or slip off. Rather than using fear tactics by focusing on the futility of contraception, it amplifies the importance of condoms by teaching students that it prevents STI and HIV while emphasizing that it…

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