Functional Manager Essay

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Nowadays Management is seen as an authority career, where managers can direct or manage the employees of a company. Business Management is the process of strategies, coordination and procedures for administrating, planning and leading the resources of a company. This career fulfills different functions as coordinating internal affairs, representing the company against third parties and monitoring the goals and objectives of both the business and its employees. A manager is responsible for developing the business unity, as a team and make the group members subordinate their individual desires to achieve common goals or getting efficient solutions to problems. For that, a manager must provide leadership; respect; coordination capacity; entrepreneurial and competitive spirit; cognitive, interpersonal and communication skills; moral and ethical integrity; criticism and self-correcting capacity. …show more content…
Functional Managers are responsible for organizing a single functional area of the company. General Managers are responsible for managing a single unit of a company. That is, assumes responsibility for the complete set of activities encompassed within that unit. Large companies may have several general managers, who represent a specific unit.
Managers can be sub classified as lower management, middle management and senior management.
The word manager does not have the same content and refers to the same figure within the company in different cultures and different countries. The manager, in terms of organization, is the big boss, the highest authority under the Board of Directors, the CEO or the owner of the company or business. The word manager has a greater multiplicity of meanings and uses. It may serve to designate to the head, but also the first line of company executives, that of those in charge of different areas or departments.

Areas or departments of Management

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