Functional Area Interrelationships Essay

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Functional Area Interrelationships

Kudler Fine Foods is food specialty stores where customers can shop and purchase foods and ingredients that are from different places in the world. Kudler Fine Foods prides themselves on the quality for the foods they find and sell. Founded in 1988 Kudler Fine Foods was fulfilling the needs of the customer who is more conscious of the food and products they use daily. As Kudler Fine Foods grow by opening sustaining the stores currently open and the ones that will open in the future; they will provide quality and service that the customer rarely experiences when grocery shopping.
Apollo Group Inc. (2009) states the Kudler Fine Foods’ vision for the company is to “Kudler Fine Foods will be
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Without that type of structure there would not be the ability to focus on the customer and his or her needs and experience. “Our customers are more focused on the cooking and dining experience rather than the health conscious lifestyle. Also, our customers are less price conscious than the typical health food store customer.” (University of Phoenix, 2009) The position that supports this type of structure is because of the differentiation between other organic specialty and grocery stores. The overall experience and quality is what the customers of Kudler Fine Foods purchase, not just the food. Thompson, Gamble and Strickland (2006), “Five factors make an alliance “strategic,” as opposed to just a convenient business arrangement:”
• It is critical to the company's achievement of an important objective.
• It helps build, sustain, or enhance a core competence or competitive advantage.
• It helps block a competitive threat.
• It helps open up important new market opportunities.
• It mitigates a significant risk to a company's business.
If Kudler Fine Foods were to collaborate with a fine dining restaurant, they could easily gain advantages in the culinary field. They would provide the freshest ingredients to the restaurant and promote their store. The restaurant would save money from the collaboration and the Kudler Fine Foods would increase business

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