The United States : A Democratic Nation

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In todays days most of the richest countries are in a democratic Nations. One of those countries is the United States. In a Democratic Nation citizen have the choice of choosing their next representative for the next four years. A Democratic government also promote economic freedom. The following statement, “The United States is rich because it is a democratic nation.” it is not totally true but the democratic nation is a huge factor in the grown of the United states. Thanks to the Democratic Nations, the United States in one countries involved in globalization and free trades. Interaction with other countries and exchanging product more market more efficiently and grown the economic since the advantage of the international trade is that when countries can produce a product with less cost than in other countries, they exchange product with the lowest opportunity cost. This saves the country money and time. This also lead to competition in markets. Thanks to globalization, it has increased the competition in markets. Every time that we have multiple producers competing for hold of the markets it is beneficial for the consumer. The quality of the goods and the services, sometimes goes up as result of increasing of competition. When differents countries started to venture across international borders it made a whole new standard into the global marketplace. With this consumers have more options to choose from. We can afford produce from many different countries and thing that

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