Functional And Ethical Responsibilities Of Leadership Essay

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Functional and Ethical Responsibilities of Leadership
Paul Peterson
Western Connecticut State University

The functional and ethical roles of a leader are a vital part of today’s business model. The ability for an individual to achieve success throughout an organization is strongly related to how well he or she can achieve these responsibilities. The quality of an individual’s work and the ethics they apply toward achieving their goals make for strong characteristics of a leader. A leader must show these in order to earn the respect of their colleges and influence his or her organization in a positive way. The pressure of making complex business decisions is only countered by the support the group shows in backing its leader’s decisions. A leader that can influence a group and gain the respect and support of its team will be the most successful in growing a business.
The responsibilities a leader is faced with can sometimes seam overbearing. The ability for an individual to complete these tasks and provide consistency and structure throughout the group is part of the defining qualities of a leader. It is incredibly important for a leader to know his or her roles and be able to follow through with the development and completion of goals he or she is assigned to do. The function or running of an organization takes amazing self-discipline and time management. Leaders must not only be able to complete the tasks he or she is in charge of, but also be able to provide…

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