Unitary And Pluralistic Frames Of Reference Essay

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In this section of the assignment I am going to explain the unitary and pluralistic frames of reference, assess how changes in trade unionism have affected employee relations and explain the role of the main players in employee relations.

1. Explain the unitary and pluralistic frames of reference.

Unitary frame of reference – This refers to a way of thinking, such as assumptions, values and attitudes. This frame is based on being able to be successful, individuals of an organisations should have and share the same goals and objectives regardless of their roles and responsibilities they have within the company, and that everyone is equal and their efforts are equal towards the goals and objectives. If the objectives are set, then the company can measure the success by implementing mission statement and the actually objectives which have been achieved.
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Explain the role of the main players in employee relations.

It is important to have a healthy employee relationship as this will ensure that employees perform at their level best and feel motivated and enjoy going to work. For the company to perform well, they need employees who are friendly and work well together and avoid criticism and backstabbing. Employee relation refers to communication between the employees and management which include problem solutions, grievance, decision making etc.
The roles of main players within a company are as follows:
Workers - Workers are one of the biggest driving force of employee relation. Workers can play a significant role, they can also take part in decision making within the company.
Team Leaders – Teams leader should be roles models to the workers. They should encourage workers to work as a team and should recognise the individuals who stand out. They should not insult anyone and should treat every fairly, showing everyone the correct way to work. They can be involved in decision making. Team leaders should be approachable and inspire the

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