Function Of Management: The Concept Of Controlling In Management

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Concept of Controlling
Management and leadership are a practice that involves solving various problems creatively, motivating the employees, and making sure that all the objectives of the firm have been accomplished. Managers have five major functions to perform namely planning, staffing, organizing, controlling, and coordinating. These roles or functions of the management separate management from other roles such as marketing and accounting among others. The lessons that I have currently learned will help me in becoming a manager who will be capable of making various decisions that will have an impact on the whole firm. Additionally, the area where I have much interest in is the function of controlling in management.
Controlling in management
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Conforming to the agreed standards is the main goal of management. Controlling is also a function that monitors and predicts the presence of deviation before the time that they do occur in an organization. Controlling as a function of management checks whether the progress is proper towards the accomplishment of goal and objectives of a firm as well as facilitating correction whenever deviation is detected. Controlling function of management is goal oriented and ensures that most of the activities are associated with meeting the organizational goals. The managers are the ones that are concerned with the setting of the standard measures that are applied in the determination of the performance of the employees (Sinofsky, …show more content…
Expert and experienced individual swill be concerned with the designing the manner in which performance will be measured considering that different individuals have different capabilities. Controlling has made me learn that it is the role of the manager to work with the employees and lead by example. This move will ensure that they will not become demotivated. The managers are supposed to encourage and always motivate the employees so as to perform their duties as expected. Controlling will also require the manager to have a good domain of knowledge regarding the activities performed by the organization, team members, and understanding of all processes of the

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