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Lock ‘Em Up!

Why do We Lock “Em Up?”


Incapacitation: Physically prevent offenders from committing additional crimes against society.

Retribution: (just Deserts). Offenders need to pay for their crimes.

Deterrence: You understand this from the previous chapter.

Rehabilitation: The ‘forgotten’ goal.

Restitution: The offender “compensate” the victim, victim’s family of community for the crime. It can be community service or money for property crimes. In the case of murder and violent offense it can be apologizes and/or convincing remorse for their crimes. They help the victim forgiveness is healthier than anger. This is often referred to as Restorative Justice.

Types of Incarceration
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In Ewing v. California (2003) Supreme Court upheld the sentence (in a 5-4 vote).

Chen (Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 2008 REPORTED More than a third (37%) of the 3-Strike 25 year sentences were for 3 time violent offenders. Who what was third crime for the other three-time offenders? 30% for a property offense, 23% for a drug offense, and 10% for a weapons charge

2. More Prisons: Between 1980 and 2000 the US doubled the number of prisons from approximately 600 to almost 1,200.

3. Less Parole & more Parolee revocations (for new offense but mostly for technical violations)

4. Truth-in-Sentencing: Federal dollars flowed to states where inmates served 85% of theirs sentences.

Does Incarceration reduce crime?

Incapacitation – It certainly prevents those incarcerated from victimizing society. However it ignores the replacement effect (someone raised this in the chat room the other night). There will always be someone willing to step up as the neighborhood drug dealer. There will always be the next generation of young male hotheads who will “hustle,” abuse drugs, get into fights over money, lovers, etc.

Deterrence - I do not believe people go into to crime expecting to fail (When you enrolled in college – did you expect to fail?) I suspect people considering crime will think others fail because they are stupid,

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