Essay Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chain

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An Analysis of the Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chain


Fruits and vegetables provides your body with the essential vitamins and minerals that is needed to maintain your health.


It is no surprise these days that people are trying to live a healthier life. In order to do so one has to alter their diet and add fruits and vegetables. It takes time but the effort is worth it. We are learning every day that having fruits and vegetables in your diet can help guard against diseases and some types of cancer. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is doing their part to inform everyone about the benefits of
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In 2010, $115 billion worth of agriculture was exported around the world. We import less than what we sell which gives the United States balance in the agriculture trade. Our farm and ranch families make up 2% of the US population. Approximately 31% of our farmers’ income come from the goods they export, one out of three of the farms in the US plants their crops for export. Farms employ roughly 21 million Americans which is around 15 % of the United States workforce. 97 % of the farms are owned and operated by families. Only 16 cents of the dollar is returned to the owners the rest is use to continue to support the farm for upkeep, wages, machinery, transportation, marketing and so forth. It is important for our farms to be successful because they are necessary to sustaining and nourishing our families.

Other important factors of farming are making sure the land is protected by rotating crops. The use of alternate energy such as wind power and renewable fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol are also beneficial to keeping the environment enriched. An important fact farmers plant hundreds of thousands of tree every year. The farmers are stewards of the land and with the help of the conservation programs they can help to preserve and keep the lands in planting condition for healthier crops. More

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