From The Frying Pan Into The Fire Essay

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She is the one who brings new life to Earth. She is the one who nurtures her family. She is the one who makes sacrifices for her loved one’s. She is the one who puts everyone’s needs before her own. She is the one who sustains the family. Yet she is the one who is treated atrociously by society and has to prove herself on every stage of life. Women have been suffering unequal treatment since existence of time. Authors Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn discusses inequality and inhuman treatment faced by women in their essay, “The Girl Effect”. They emphasize that women aren’t the problem, but the solution to problems. In contrast to author Arlie Russell Hochschild examines the effect capitalism economy has on society in her essay, “ From the Frying Pan into the Fire ”. Hochschild acknowledges on how working women balance professional and personal life. Her essay extends the argue that WuDunn and Kristof made that, if given opportunities women can improve their living conditions tremendously. Though conditions for women have definitely improved, we are still not achieve gender neutrality. Unless women are empowered through mediums such as education and equality in the workplace, they will always be a step behind men and be treated inhumanly as society doesn’t acknowledge women 's capabilities.
Women are seen as inferior to men because of society and culture, not because of women’s ability. Society has stigmatized women with traditional roles that causes women to be…

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