Friendship Essay on Aristotle's Books 8-9

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The Nichomachean Ethics (Books 8 and 9) Friendship is a big word, but what exactly is the definition of it? What kinds of people consist of your friends? How do we establish this kind of relationship with someone? As a human being, I find myself surrounded with other human beings whom I call friends. Aristotle recognized and understood the meaning of friendship in his books VIII and IX in The Nichomachean Ethics. In this paper, I will layout what Aristotle had to say about friendship and put emphasis on the importance of friendship for me which requires commitment, trust, loyalty and love. Aristotle had said, “…distance does not break off friendship absolutely, but only the activity of it. But if the absence is lasting, it …show more content…
Ultimately, he came to the conclusion that it all depends upon the people involved. Finding a way to resolve the problem or not is always up to us to do it. “If they are capable of being reformed one should rather come to the assistance of their character or their property, in as much as this is better and more characteristic of friendship. But a man who breaks off such a friendship would seem to be doing nothing strange; for it was not to a man of this sort that he was a friend; when his friend changed, therefore, as he is unable to save him, he gives him up” (226).
The statement that he made was a very important factor for me to some extent. I knew that the times between me and my friends are changing. We are all changing not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. I told myself I had to do something, and so I took advantage of the technologies that is present to be able to keep up with them and just stay connected. In return, they did more than what I expected them too. They sent me letters. They replied to my e-mails. They tell me stories about what was going on with our favorite places and past school. They bought calling cards to greet on special occasions. They kept in touch with me the whole time that I was gone. Even now, we all stayed in touch with each other. Aristotle’s definition of friendship helped me better to demonstrate the importance of friendship in my life. I can truly say that the

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