Friendship Between Relationships And Relationships Essay

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Those who surround us can change our outlook on life as well as change the way we live in a negative or positive way. Friendships is the unit that many look to in their times of need, for advice, or just someone to talk to in general. However in this world these “friendships” that exist “overlook philia, the slower-burning and longer lasting complement” (Akst 84). Askt brings about the idea of all of the “friends” that one may have but the friendship that we possess is “diluted” and will not fulfill the true meaning of friendship being “uniquely suited to fill the void because unlike matrimony or parenthood, it’s available to everyone, offering concord and even intimacy without aspiring to be all consuming” (Akst 85). Friendship as well as the idea of it is arisen throughout the entire novel, creating a few key relationships between key characters such as Tommy, Kathy and, Ruth, and is created to be seen as one of the most important keys of Kathy’s life. This theme is raised upon us quite early in the novel as Kathy states that she will receive the opportunity to select who she will care for, leading the reader to believe that the people that she will now get to choose will be those who she has formed relationships with and maybe even friendships. Kathy described to us that “Ruth, incidentally, was the third or fourth donor I got to choose” (Ishiguro 4), going on to say “all our differences-while they didn’t exactly vanish-seemed not nearly as important as all of the…

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