Frida Film Analysis Essay examples

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Frida and the Role of Women During the 1930’s and 1940’s, women of the world held virtually one role and one role only…homemaker. This was no different for the women of Mexico, except for one woman in particular, Frida Kahlo. Frida refused to accept the current ideals of society and the accepted social norms by engaging in things that few women in history ever had. Frida was involved in politics, she was promiscuous with men and women, she painted pictures of herself in ways that had never been done before, and she wore the clothes of her indigenous people as opposed to the current fashions of the world. The movie Frida showcases all of these qualities. The director, Julie Taymor, uses the symbolism of these things to show how Frida …show more content…
She would paint herself in a way that expressed how painful and depressing the events of her life had been to her. Frida’s artwork was very difficult to understand at the time, and it wasn’t until after her death that she really gained worldwide recognition for her talents ( Frida was a unique person who was not afraid of expressing her emotions on and off the canvas. Taymor shows most of, if not all of the important and crucial events of Frida’s life. Taymor then shows Frida painting after the events and then shows the painting itself so the viewer can see how these events affected Frida and how she was a unique woman. Another way that Frida was a unique woman was the fact that she did not dress herself in the fashions of times. Rather, she wore the colors and styles and designs of the indigenous people of Mexico. She wore dresses and scarfs in reds and yellows and other bright colors. In the movie during the wedding scenes, Frida does not wear a traditional white wedding dress that would signify purity and innocence, instead she wore a green dress with a red scarf to express that she was different. Frida was born to a father of German descent and a mother of Spanish descent ( She was proud of who she was and wasn’t afraid to dress in a way to pay respect of where she came from. In the movie, the character of Frida is almost always seen in these bright clothes and indigenous styles in an

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