Freud 's Theory Of Consciousness Essay

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1. Summarize the Freud reading. What was the main idea of the reading? How did Freud support his main claim? How did Freud conceptualize consciousness?
 Throughout this reading, Sigmund Freud was trying to justify the existence of unconscious. The main idea of the reading was that the assumption of unconscious is necessary and reasonable and that all the conscious acts remain unintelligible and disconnected if people believe that every psychical act occurs in them must also be experienced in them through consciousness. To support his claim, he provides the reason of it being necessary by saying that consciousness have gaps in them. He elaborated more by saying that psychical acts often occur due to presupposing acts, of which the consciousness do not held any evidence. Furthermore, Freud argued by saying that consciousness include only small content, largest part of conscious knowledge lies in latent state, which is being in psychically unconscious state. Now to prove that assumption of unconsciousness is legitimate, Freud mentions that consciousness makes an individual aware of only his own mind state. Other people possess consciousness is an inference that an individual draws from their observable expressions and movements. Assumption of consciousness appears to us as an expansion of primitive animism that helps us see the other people’s consciousness and perceptions. Freud conceptualized consciousness into conscious state, latent state or preconscious state, and…

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