Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Essay

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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is more than just a sit-com; it reveals issues that are still in the news today for example: Tulsa officer charged with manslaughter for shooting an African-American man, Shooting of Philando Castile and Tyre King (sparked Black Lives Matter). In the episode Mistaken Identity, Will and Carlton are driving Mr. Furth’s (Carlton’s dad’s legal partner) car down to Palm Springs for him. On their way down, they get lost and eventually pulled over for going two miles an hour. Carlton believes the police officer will help them get back on track to Palm Springs, while Will only believes the police officer will see on thing; their race. Will tells Carlton exactly what’s going to happen before it happens. Carlton ignores Will’s advice assuming they’ll get off easy with his dad’s social status. Will’s single story knowing the police would profile them as car thieves based on their race is the counter story of Carlton’s single story of his social status and lack of knowledge of racial profiling (aka the white gaze). Will grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the roughest parts of town, he understood his race and knew how people will treat him. Will also represents the stereotype of black people by the clothes he wears, the way that he talks about living in the hood and his desire to dance or rap. Will represents the style single story of the hood, he has no doubt in mind when the police officer pulls them over that he would treat them like car thieves. Will…

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