Frequency Distribution Is Very Essential For Data Essay examples

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Frequency Distribution is very essential for data in which we are having to count the frequency within each range. So therefore when we group data into ranges and count the frequencies within each range is known as a Frequency distribution (Mirabella, 2011, p. 1-5). In our case we have a sample of 189 women and a variable that represents the women’s ages. Moreover, the values range from 14-49, which are listed as the lower limits and upper limits. Furthermore, According to Mirabella (2011, p. 1-5) states, “That each row has consistent widths to prevent from the data being deceiving.”

Therefore, after the ranges are established the frequency column should total the number of observations, when added together.

Relative Frequency computes the percentages of the sample size represented by each interval, for instance the 69 women with ages between 14 and 21 accounts for 69/189=36.5% of the sample.

The cumulative frequency essentially accumulates the total by adding up the frequencies in that row plus all prior rows thus in our case a cumulative frequency of 146 in the 21 to 28 row means that 146 women are less than 28 years of age and this is computed by taking (69 +77= 146). Mirabella (2011, p.1-6) states, this pattern continues for all rows and the cumulative frequency of the last row. Lastly, the cumulative relative frequency computes the percentages of the sample size represented by each intervals cumulative and here 77.2%in the 21 to 28 row means that 77.2% of the…

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