Trip To New York City Essay

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One day my boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch because there is not much to do around the small town of Bellbrook, Ohio. We have already been to all of the museums, parks, aquariums, bowling alleys, and anything else you could imagine around here. We were in need of an adventure so we decided to take one. Our plan was to each pick a city to visit and we would visit each of these two cities for two days each. I picked Paris, France because I took French for five years and we studied the city a lot and I have always wanted to visit. He chose New York City because we have both really wanted to visit there for a long time. I am very excited for this trip. We have both finished packing and we are on our way to the airport now!

Profile of Paris, France
Our first stop will be in Paris, France. Paris is located in Northern France with a population of a little more than two million. It is a very
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It used to be a railway station back into the nineteenth century. It eventually was shut down because its structure was not the proper size for more modern trains. They had planned to demolish it but President Pompidou saved it. The following presidents has it transformed into a museum. We saw a lot of beautiful paintings by artists like Monet and Van Gogh. We also went to go see the Eiffel Tower today. We took a trip to the Eiffel Tower today also. We bought tickets too go up to the very top and look out over the city. It was absolutely beautiful. Lastly we went to go see Le Roi Soleil at the Opera Bastille. I had seen this opera in my French class back in high school and I was so excited to finally see it in person. It’s a musical comedy about Louis the Fourteenth. The costumes and musical numbers are so extravagant it was an amazing show. We have had a wonderful time in Paris and we leave for New York in the morning. I’m very sad to be leaving Paris but I am so excited to go visit New York City and to be back in the

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